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The ability to take screenshots with a single button click is not just convenient but it ensures that you don’t miss those precious moments. And the ease at which you can share to another user adds to the advantages of this app. Further still you can upload the screen grabs to your own server. The whole set up is easy and doesn’t require a lot of technical know how.

Customize your Workflow

sharex logo saple layoutsShareX in a big way outshines other apps in the market. For instance, you can use it easily take a GIF video capture. It is also able to identify screen borders easily and customizing it with the quick keyboard shortcuts is easy. If you are watching an event and would like to get lots of screenshots, this screen-capture app allows you to do that effortlessly.

ShareX Features Tremendously Customizable Options

This application comes with a very basic graphical user interface that can be customized easily for options such as upload destinations, keyboard shortcuts, video recording frame rate and application settings. These features are easy to locate on the app and make your workflow smooth. It is as simple as Ctrl + PrtScn for images and Ctrl + Shift + PrtScn for video grabs.

Final Thoughts on ShareX

Overall, Sharex is one of the most versatile screen capture tools that will assist you to grab, save and send content from your screen to another storage gadget or cloud file. This application is open source and that means more and more programmers are working to improve its functionality and user experience.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a useful online platform planner meant to assist students, teachers and other stakeholders in the academic world as you go about your tasks. The platform uses cloud technology to store classes, homework, exams and other educational materials. You can access your academic work using a digital device irrespective of your location.

my study life planner sample layouts

How To Use My Study Life

The platform is easy to operate. For you to enjoy the study organising app, you will need to have an online account. Once you are on the home page, you can add tasks, exams or provide more details concerning a particular academic year. Students and teachers have an option to create assignments which they can easily share with colleagues. For quick navigation, you can use the search button at the bottom of the platform.

My Study life – Convenience

Students and teachers enjoy this platform free of charge. Furthermore, you can use it on a mobile phone, computer and tablet irrespective of your device operating system. As a user, you do not necessarily need to be online. You can add a task while offline since the app can seamlessly sync with your data between devices.

Enrich your academic world with My Study Life.

This is one of the best digital platforms in the world of academics. As a scholar, you can now leverage on the platform to perform various tasks such as creating assignments, calendars, and reminders in addition to sharing them. The platform is free and very easy to operate using a computer or phone.


An infographic is considered to be one of the best ways to convey a complex message. Created in the form of a visual representation, it makes the message easily understandable to the audience. They are also helpful in communicating huge amounts of data to a target audience in a compact and ‘straight to the point’ manner, which otherwise would consume a lot of time.

Making Complex Messages Easily Understandable

infographic samplelayoutsWhenever someone is trying to convey a message to others, care should be taken that it is easily understandable. Using appropriate diagrams and charts combined with some great colours can propagate the message much more effectively. For example, a traffic sign that has too much information on it is bound to be overlooked by the commuters. But, if a visually appealing infographic is used to convey the same message, it’s hard for the drivers to overlook it.

How Are Infographics Represented?

Infographics are simplified visual representations of complex data patterns and relationships so that readers can comprehend them easily. They are generally represented in the form of graphs, signs, maps, time series’, statistical trends, hierarchies, networks, etc. Depending on the target audience and their capacity to comprehend a message, one has to design the infographic wisely so that the underlying message reaches them quickly.

Designing The Best Infographics

Best infographics are those which can convey complex messages even to a layman in an easy to understand manner. To achieve this, the graphic has to be simple and concise. The attention span of readers is limited. Therefore, clearly defined boundaries that limit the overflow of the unwanted information can help grab people’s attention. Also, a graphic should try to connect with the audience emotionally, and adding the right colors to the design is the best way to do it.


Mirrored slideshark logo

Presentations are nerve-racking, and you feel added pressure when making presentations for or to your boss, colleagues or pitching an investor. The program that you choose for your presentation needs to be one that will run your slideshows smoothly with no hitches. Here is the recipe for an awesome presentation – clean smart clothes and shoes, deep cleansing breathes, a good pitch, a nice smile, confidence and SlideShark.

The Presentation App we’ve been waiting for

After decades of inconveniences associated with the traditional slideshow applications, a modern and more efficient presentation app is here with us. SlideShark comes with lots of amazing features including projection controls. The application is also compatible with the existing applications and this means that you do not lose your document properties when you change programs, also unlike other applications SlideShark does not change your presentation formats.

Presentation Notes are taken care off

The presentation notes feature is extremely useful and easy to use. The notes appear on the lower half of the page so they do not obstruct or cover your main presentation. Also, to help you keep track of your presentation there is a slide preview that displays your current slide, along with any animations you may have, and how many may be left on the slide.

Why to consider Slideshark

Uploading your presentation to SlideShark is a breeze, upload them directly to the site, or get them from your Dropbox. The iOS app comes with 100MB of free space on the SlideShark cloud account. When you start to run out of space, simply move your presen

Stylish Presentations

We all know how tedious it can be to sit behind a desk in an office presentation or work seminar staring at the same old PowerPoint preset slideshows. Sometimes, you may want to create something a little more stylish and interesting. Perhaps you have a job interview, work or university presentation where you want to stand out from the crowd. If so, you may want to try Emaze.

Ease Of Use

If you’re not comfortable with the endless customization offered by other presentation software such as google slides, Emaze might be what you’re looking for. What it lacks in customization it makes up in ease of use. It features a wide selection of preset templates for you to choose from, and has the option to customize the content and look of text on your slides or making lists.

These type of presentations are often used when comparing or listing different things. At casino comparison sites, lists of no deposit free spins are commonly used. Another example is supermarkets that lists the top discounts of their stores using slideshows displayed on screens in store.

Look and Feel

The most exciting aspect of Emaze is it’s highly engaging layout which allows for a much more stylish presentation. Unlike PowerPoint, which has you move between different slides, each slide on Emaze is rendered on the same canvas. The background images on these canvas’ are preset templates and are highly stylistic and detailed. As you move through the slides, you essentially zoom in and out and pan across the canvas.

An Honest Review

Emaze may not be the right presentation software for everyone. If you prioritize customizability over style and ease-of-use, you may want to look elsewhere, but for those of you that are more interested in finding a piece of software that will enable you to quickly and effectively create highly engaging presentations with minimal effort, you may find Emaze to be a great platform to use.

Why To Use Prezi

We know that making a presentation can be a pretty daunting task, but having the right tools can make a very big difference, as there are some things that not only make life a whole lot easier, but give you that much-needed confidence boost. If you are looking for an excellent presentation tool to bring your next presentation to life, then Prezi should be high up on your list.

Some Really Cool Features

If you are looking for a way to enhance your presentations, while taking a break from the PowerPoint presentation layout and design, Prezi is the answer. This software is not only more engaging, but it’s also more persuasive, making it a very efficient software regardless if you wanna design a casino wallpaper, a corporate presentation or a Prezi of what you did during vacation.

With Prezi you can create eye-catching presentations and edit them, and there’s also a group edit function. Folders can be shared, and presentations are supported on both computers and mobiles, with the option of offline presentation.

Awesome Benefits That Work For You

The software is completely free which makes for an economical life, and it is conveniently web-based. Even though it has somewhat of a learning curve, it is not that difficult to master and it is great for both pros and novices. The app is also great because it stays up to date with technological changes, and it allows for excellent communication.

Taking It A Step Further With Prezi

Besides being inexpensive, this software has a very flexible and simple design interface which is appreciated by many. This is not your typical slides kind of presentation tool, but this is unique presentation creation to suit different needs and tastes. For new visualizations, and spicing up your presentations to make them more appealing, Prezi takes a spot at the top.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a cool iPad application released on August 1, 2013. It doesn’t matter if you do or do not have skills in designing because, with this app, you will easily create the best presentations. You can use different designs, text styles and backgrounds for your pictures to make the whole story look flawless.

Haiku Deck – Details

Haiku Deck is an application available since 2013, compatible with iPad and Chromebook and requires minimum iOS 5.0 software. It is a very productive application focused on storytelling and presentations, and it is free of charge. The free iPad application accompanies a few themes, and many more are at your disposal at only $2 each. Also, you have millions of backgrounds to choose from, or you can upload your own. Haiku Deck is commonly used to create very appealing casino free spins campaigns.

Haiku Deck – Advantages

With Haiku Deck, there are no complicated or disarranged slides. The outline components are clear and organized, which is very important for an eye-catching presentation. It’s easy to understand how the app works since its features are extremely simple. Just add content, upload pictures and don’t worry about the rest. You can send your presentation to Keynote or PowerPoint or connect Haiku Deck to your Slideshare to share with ease.

Haiku Deck – Disadvantages

Even though it creates excellent presentations, with the free version of the app, you can’t transfer them in another format, and that may be the biggest drawback of Haiku Deck. Also, you can’t always modify your presentations, and if you don’t like how the slide looks, it’s hard to change it. There are limitations in the amount of content you want to add so, only a couple of lines of text sometimes can get on your nerves.

Slack – The Cool Features

If you would like to bring your team together and integrate your communication to make it more effective and efficient, you should seriously consider using slack. Slack is a cloud-based set of services and tools that was developed by Slack Technologies and founded by Stewart Butterfield, and it will help you integrate your team, and your members will be happier for it.

Why Should You Use It?

slack logoAlthough Slack started as an internal tool, it is now used on the internet as a way to collaborate teams. Team leaders should take advantage of this tool’s cool features for seamless project communication. To start with, the software is downloadable which makes for ease of use. Another great benefit of this tool is that it creates a centralized workplace for all team members even if they are working remotely, all messaging is easily accessible.

More Awesome Features

Slack allows all team members to access all the information they need even if they were not part of the meeting. The software archives conversations and work so that they are all searchable later. Teams are also able to organize and streamline their communication. With Slack, there is the option of creating several channels for each topic of discussion and this keeps everything organized and clean.

It All Comes Together With Slack

Whether your team is made up of a few people, or you are a large organization, there are awesome features to cater for enterprises of every size. If you want a simple way to bring your team together well, and to streamline workflows for more productivity and goal synergy, then Slack is a great tool to use.

Microsoft Excel

Ever since Microsoft pushed the first version of Excel Spreadsheets into the digital consumer space more than three decades ago, the software has undergone tremendous change. It is now an indispensable tool, especially in business applications. Excel is capable of performing and automating numerous tasks, that while critical to business operations, are considerably tedious. Here, you will learn a few Microsoft Excel tricks that will make you productive and efficient.

Selecting Every Cell In A Spreadsheet

excel-templateThere are numerous reasons why you would want to select every cell in a spreadsheet. Maybe you want to copy the contents of one sheet to another sheet, or you want to make run a function in all the cells on the spreadsheet. Microsoft makes it quite easy to select all cells in your Excel workspace. Simply click on the square, located on the upper left-hand corner, just where the columns and rows intersect.

Copying Data Across Multiple Cells

There are times you want to copy the same data across multiple cells. If you are thinking there must be a simpler way than copy-pasting the data into every cell, you are right, All you need to do is enter the data in a single cell, click on the cell, and drag the highlighted edge across the cells you want to populate.

Excel Automation Can Make Your Work Easier

These two examples are just a few of the many ideas that can make tedious and repetitive tasks easy with Excel. There are numerous other functionalities you get with Microsoft Excel. You can even automate most of these tasks by creating Visual Basic Applications (VBA). Armed with these skills, you can make Excel do almost everything for you, including generating invoices with minimal input on your part.

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates have powered business presentations in the digital world since the early days of personal computers. Increasingly, PowerPoint presentations have become a renowned way of delivering content during meetings, seminars or any other mass gathering for that matter. While harnessing the power of PowerPoint presentations may be unknown to many, here are a few tips to get you going.

Leverage Custom Backgrounds and Sizes

Many people think that stock size of PowerPoint presentations is fixed. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can adjust the size of your presentation template so that you can fit your information and graphics in one tidy page. To resize the size of your presentation and realize the design you seek, all you need to do is click the Page Setup Tab and specify height and width values that accommodate your design.

Create Your Own Custom Template

If the stock Microsoft presentation templates do not do it for you, you can make your own template. Custom templates allow you to include elements such as your business logo and brand, making your presentation unique and memorable. To create a custom template, click on the Themes tab and click on the Edit Master. Then, select Slide Master which allows you to edit all aspects of the template.

Make Titles Standout

Titles are your safest bet when trying to capture the attention of an audience. You can make your headings stand out by adding a little sheen and cursory effects to ordinary headings. Newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint make it easy to add effects to titles which include shadow effects, glow, reflection and colour. Right-clicking on the text you want to transform opens up a menu with all these options.