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Month: November 2014

House Maintenance Log Sheet Tips

Keeping a house is not a piece of cake as you have to constantly look after it and take care of it all the time. No matter how much you have paid for it there will be times when there will be leakage in the basement or cracks in the sealing or the sewerage pipe need to be unclogged. This means you have to save some money for the weekly or monthly maintenance of your house. For example you want to mow your lawn grass once in a week and you inspect all the water fixtures once every three months. Some of this stuff is easy to remember but when you have many things going on in your life, you can’t remember when was the last time you cleaned the garbage disposal or checked the basement if there is any leakage or not. You need to write down every detail in this situation for the future references and to remember what will be the next time your house will need maintenance. All this information is kept in a document called house maintenance log. It’s just a documented process of keeping record of your previous maintenance procedures and charges so that in the future, it will help you to recall the maintenance processes and charges.

Whether you live in an apartment or in a lake house, you have to repair a number of household things every month such as kitchen sink, bath tub or radiator in the living room. This maintenance log helps you to remember when was the last time you waterproof the basement and when you will need to do it again in the future. You can also put the charges you paid to the handy man or maintenance team so that when you call the same guys in the future for the same service, you know they are not costing you extra. This way every month you can separate an amount of money from your salary to pay for the upcoming repairs of maintenance stuff. Keeping a maintenance log saves you from finding any surprise repairs in the house as you always have a rough idea about the maintenance services of the next month and their charges.

House maintenance log varies for an apartment, flat or a lake house but there are some contents that remain the same. For example sometimes it’s not possible to have a hot tub in an apartment so you can’t put that on the log but it’s certainly possible in a big home so there you have to put in it in the log. Common stuff like garbage disposal cleaning, unclogging the bath tub or kitchen sink and making sure the windows are waterproof remains the same in every kind of maintenance log. If you want to design such a log, it depends on the type of the house you are living in and the number of family members living in the house. If you think that sounds difficult you can get help from number of websites which offer to create such a log free of cost. You can certainly prepare a log by a common paper and pen or by creating a new spreadsheet on computer which serves like a professional log.

General uses of house maintenance log in our daily lives:

  • It helps the owner of the house to allocate finances for upcoming repairs of the house.
  • This way the owner can be sure to perform the maintenance activities on time before it’s too late.
  • It helps the owner to recall when was the last time he or she repaired a specific thing or item and if it needs to be repaired or checked again or if there is still some time left.
  • It helps to be prepared for the future expenses that will cost you a fortune.
  • If there are some repairs that need to be done on regular basis, this log reminds you to do that on time.

Real Estate Marketing with Flyers

In hard real estate markets (such as today’s market), it’s important for agents to lean aside their advertising and marketing costs, however during the exact same time, boost their brand identity and become efficient and well-known as a representative.

Among the best techniques to do this is through using real property flyer templates when generating marketing and advertising with regards to their home directories. Real property flyer themes are pre-designed advertising leaflets, which agents open in an editing program like Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop, place their property’s photos and description, then save and print for use in open homes and for different marketing efforts. Here are the top five advantages to using real property flyer and pamphlet templates:

1. Limitless Use – an effective leading creating representative is continuously searching to market their particular “just listed” or “just sold” directories. What much better option to generate advertising material after that to have your very own flyer template?

Since shortly as you list a residential home, simply load within the template, fall in the photos and description text, and you’re set. Then, after you sell the home, merely load up the “just detailed” template, change it to “just offered,” and alter the cost into the purchase price. So now you have an outstanding marketing flyer that you can distribute to your farm location to gain credibility and show off your most recent purchase.

2. Consistent Brand Image – a vital trait of a leading making broker is expertise. All of the leading agent’s advertising material features a regular design theme, a certain “look” that differentiates them from other representatives within the region.

Representatives which use plain leaflets don’t produce that signature brand image that the well understood agents have. Consistently making use of a particular high-quality flyer template this is certainly unique can help leads in your area associate that look with you and allow you to develop a stronger and identifiable brand name picture.

3. Lower Marketing Cost – numerous representatives spend huge quantities of money every month for marketing and advertising solutions and programs only to end up maybe not utilizing them because they’re simply too complex or instant eating. Other representatives end up employing developers or advertising assistants to aid all of them arrange and put into action their advertising promotions, that is also really expensive. Using flyer themes, agents pay a one time upfront fee for the templates (frequently less than the cost of one hour or work by a designer) and they are in a position to use that template when it comes to sleep of their genuine estate career without incurring any longer design charges.

4. Simple Printing – Printing can be a significant supply of headaches for a representative, particularly if these are generally attempting to do so all by themselves.

Worrying about bleed lines, document formats, and document dimensions is maybe not an agent’s niche. The best benefit of skillfully created real estate templates is the fact that the printing requirements are constructed into the template and are usually, for that reason, already taken care of. Merely update the template with brand-new pictures and text every time you utilize it, and send it off to your print shop (or your very own printer).

Simply by making use of the exact same template every time you printing, you will get any print discrepancies looked after regarding the first time you use that template, then simply conserve it and re-use it over and over once again. This can help you keep constant print options makes it possible for for effortless and no fuss publishing.

5. Fast Speed of Implementation – Another crucial characteristic of a leading producer is speed.

Agents that consistently get new listing are quickly with every thing they are doing. Several occasions these top manufacturers have actually a group which they assign marketing and management work to, makes it possible for them to get even more things done faster. When you do not have your very own group that will assist you, you are able to still complement these top manufacturers in rate by generating your own efficient marketing system using pre-made flyer themes. When you get an innovative brand-new listing, use the photographs and load them to your pamphlet template, and obtain them imprinted.