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Month: August 2018

Stylish Presentations

We all know how tedious it can be to sit behind a desk in an office presentation or work seminar staring at the same old PowerPoint preset slideshows. Sometimes, you may want to create something a little more stylish and interesting. Perhaps you have a job interview, work or university presentation where you want to stand out from the crowd. If so, you may want to try Emaze.

Ease Of Use

If you’re not comfortable with the endless customization offered by other presentation software such as google slides, Emaze might be what you’re looking for. What it lacks in customization it makes up in ease of use. It features a wide selection of preset templates for you to choose from, and has the option to customize the content and look of text on your slides or making lists.

These type of presentations are often used when comparing or listing different things. At casino comparison sites, lists of no deposit free spins are commonly used. Another example is supermarkets that lists the top discounts of their stores using slideshows displayed on screens in store.

Look and Feel

The most exciting aspect of Emaze is it’s highly engaging layout which allows for a much more stylish presentation. Unlike PowerPoint, which has you move between different slides, each slide on Emaze is rendered on the same canvas. The background images on these canvas’ are preset templates and are highly stylistic and detailed. As you move through the slides, you essentially zoom in and out and pan across the canvas.

An Honest Review

Emaze may not be the right presentation software for everyone. If you prioritize customizability over style and ease-of-use, you may want to look elsewhere, but for those of you that are more interested in finding a piece of software that will enable you to quickly and effectively create highly engaging presentations with minimal effort, you may find Emaze to be a great platform to use.

Why To Use Prezi

We know that making a presentation can be a pretty daunting task, but having the right tools can make a very big difference, as there are some things that not only make life a whole lot easier, but give you that much-needed confidence boost. If you are looking for an excellent presentation tool to bring your next presentation to life, then Prezi should be high up on your list.

Some Really Cool Features

If you are looking for a way to enhance your presentations, while taking a break from the PowerPoint presentation layout and design, Prezi is the answer. This software is not only more engaging, but it’s also more persuasive, making it a very efficient software regardless if you wanna design a casino wallpaper, a corporate presentation or a Prezi of what you did during vacation.

With Prezi you can create eye-catching presentations and edit them, and there’s also a group edit function. Folders can be shared, and presentations are supported on both computers and mobiles, with the option of offline presentation.

Awesome Benefits That Work For You

The software is completely free which makes for an economical life, and it is conveniently web-based. Even though it has somewhat of a learning curve, it is not that difficult to master and it is great for both pros and novices. The app is also great because it stays up to date with technological changes, and it allows for excellent communication.

Taking It A Step Further With Prezi

Besides being inexpensive, this software has a very flexible and simple design interface which is appreciated by many. This is not your typical slides kind of presentation tool, but this is unique presentation creation to suit different needs and tastes. For new visualizations, and spicing up your presentations to make them more appealing, Prezi takes a spot at the top.