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Month: December 2018


An infographic is considered to be one of the best ways to convey a complex message. Created in the form of a visual representation, it makes the message easily understandable to the audience. They are also helpful in communicating huge amounts of data to a target audience in a compact and ‘straight to the point’ manner, which otherwise would consume a lot of time.

Making Complex Messages Easily Understandable

infographic samplelayoutsWhenever someone is trying to convey a message to others, care should be taken that it is easily understandable. Using appropriate diagrams and charts combined with some great colours can propagate the message much more effectively. For example, a traffic sign that has too much information on it is bound to be overlooked by the commuters. But, if a visually appealing infographic is used to convey the same message, it’s hard for the drivers to overlook it.

How Are Infographics Represented?

Infographics are simplified visual representations of complex data patterns and relationships so that readers can comprehend them easily. They are generally represented in the form of graphs, signs, maps, time series’, statistical trends, hierarchies, networks, etc. Depending on the target audience and their capacity to comprehend a message, one has to design the infographic wisely so that the underlying message reaches them quickly.

Designing The Best Infographics

Best infographics are those which can convey complex messages even to a layman in an easy to understand manner. To achieve this, the graphic has to be simple and concise. The attention span of readers is limited. Therefore, clearly defined boundaries that limit the overflow of the unwanted information can help grab people’s attention. Also, a graphic should try to connect with the audience emotionally, and adding the right colors to the design is the best way to do it.