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Month: August 2019

Wix Website Builder

wix website builder logoYou don’t have to be an internet expert to create a website or blog, thanks to website builders like Wix is currently the largest website builder and hosts over 110 million websites. Notably, this builder provides both free and paid domain names and an easy way to create eCommerce stores as well as websites with photo galleries.

From Blogging to E-commerce

Some of the most outstanding features of Wix is the seamlessly designed features for blog creation. Whether it’s a personal blog to a blog about a different topic, Wix got your back with the latest templates. Wix also features some of the most developed eCommerce website templates. Here, you may need to choose either a free or a paid for template and add your collections alongside prizes.

Other Features offered By Wix

The eCommerce templates also allow you to add various payment platforms to your store. One of the easiest features to use here is the Paypal check out system that allows your store to be complete in minutes as long as you have a business Paypal account. Templates here are highly flexible and come with a Drag and Drop Feature.

Wix in Summary

Some of the other amazing features that are unique with this website builder include the ease of adding animations, an app market and use of Wix Artificial Intelligence. It also comes with a Back-up and you can always restore your website to an earlier time. Such features couples with budget-busting campaigns make Wix the ultimate market leader.