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Month: January 2020

Shopify – What is it?

shopify logoIf you have read the name “Shopify” on banner ads or somewhere on the internet, you may be wondering what this company is all about. In short, Shopify is an innovative software designed to make it easy for you to build an online store. Read on to find out where it comes from and how you can get it.

Background Information About The Company

Tobias L├╝tke founded the company in Canada back in 2006. Shopify is a software that helps small and medium-sized companies to set up an individual online shop. The software also features the possibility to add payment options or connect the shop to Amazon Marketplace. You can get the software with all its features directly from the manufacturer. In case you are not sure yet, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial subscription.

How Can I Get It?

After the trial period, you pay $29 per month for the basic features. To create your own shop with Shopify, follow these simple steps: Go to the Shopify homepage and enter your email address. You will be asked for a password, a name for your store, and your address. After that you can use the Shopify user interface. From here you can design your online shop and market your products.

The Shopify Success Story

According to their website, over 600,000 companies now use the Shopify platform to sell their products. Since the company was founded, the resulting online shops have generated sales of over 72 billion US dollars. If that sounds impressive and you want to learn more, simply head over to their website.