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Month: September 2020

Envato Elements

If you are an editor, motion designer, webmaster or simply dabble in graphic design or UX, chances are that you’ve heard of Envato Elements before. Elements is the name given by Envato to its stock footage and templates website, where you can find hundreds and thousands of videos, stock illustrations and sound effects, but also mock projects and templates for Premiere, After Effects, In-design, Sketch and Figma.

The Cost of an Envato Elements Subscription

envato elementsWhat sets Envato Element apart to its stock footage competitors is that it works as a subscription service. For a monthly fee (currently €14.50/month for individuals), you get unlimited access to their catalogue of graphic resources, which includes a commercial license so you can use them in all your projects. More unusual than the combination of stock photos and footage, you also have access to various WordPress themes easily customisable with your content and ready to be published.

Is it worth it?

In a word, yes. You can pretty much recover the cost of the subscription on one project if you compare with the cost of buying the rights to a single license on the market. Though it’s not as extensive as some other music or photo libraries, the graphic resources are really impressive and the product mock-ups, UX templates and WordPress themes can save you valuable time.

Is Envato Elements for me?

It all depends what your main need is. If you do product design, UX or motion design, it’s a must-have as the catalogue of templates covers every angle and can save you days of work building those assets from scratch. The photo, illustration, video and SFX libraries are a nice add-on and can prove very useful for editors looking for an all-in-one subscription covering all their stock assets needs.