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Month: November 2020


Woocommerce is an incredibly powerful eCommerce tool, transforming even the smallest of business into an impressive online store. The level of flexibility and customisation available on Woocommerce puts it way ahead of the next-best competition but does require at least some basic understanding of web development to get started and maintain. Keep reading to find out more about this impressive platform.

A WordPress Plugin

woocoomerceWoocommerce is an extension of WordPress and relies on the platform to work. The drawback to this is that your website will need to be built on WordPress to be able to use the Woocommerce tool. We think it’s absolutely worth it though, as it really is the best eCommerce platform out there, as well as being one of the most popular alternatives to Shopify.

The Best There Is

The Woocommerce platform is the ultimate answer to how to sell online. With so many additional powerful extensions available, including shipping, pricing and automation tools, there’s very little you cannot do. You can make your online store bright and branded or keep it clean and simple, giving you the power to create the eCommerce shop of your dreams.

Not For Beginners

Unfortunately, Woocommerce isn’t suitable to complete web development novices. You don’t need to know how to code an entire website, but you need to be able to learn WordPress and the backend of Woocommerce to make the most out of the tool. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but you may need some training. That said, with such a powerful tool at your fingertips, you will be able to take your store to the next level.