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Month: January 2021

Upwork Review

Upwork is an online platform designed for the digital nomad, creative agency, or employers. Its the all-in-one solution can be used from either the contractor or the client side, depending on whether you’re looking for work or looking to hire somebody for a project. The processes differ for both, but one thing that remains the same is how easy it is to use.

Being A Freelancer On Upwork

upworkUpwork makes freelancing online easier than ever before. Once you have created your account and been approved, you’re free to start making money online. Think of it like a digital CV, whereby you add all of your expertise and experience, and then bid for specific jobs that suit you. You can browse hundreds of jobs in your field at any one time, and only pick what you like. If the employer is interested, they will message directly to begin the discussion.

Hiring A Freelancer

Hiring freelancers might be a completely new concept to you, and you may have wondered where to begin. The good news is that Upwork presents you with thousands of ready and available contractors across many different niches to help you in your quest of making money online. You can publish your job and watch the applications come in, or you can search for specific skillsets and invite people for interview.

The Cost Of Upwork

From a contractor perspective, Upwork fees can add up. You will pay the platform 20% of what you earn for the first $500 of every new contract. So if your rate is 20$ per hour, you will actually only receive $16. The work may not have happened without Upwork’s help, so the fees are justified, but just keep it in mind when you’re quoting for work.