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Month: April 2022

Etsy for Sellers

When you have a craft business, the biggest challenge is reaching those who want to buy your products. Etsy is a great site because it focuses specifically on hand-made craft goods. In order to sell on Etsy, you must have made or designed the goods yourself. The one exception is that craft supplies can be resold.

The Pros of Selling on Etsy

When starting out in eCommerce, it’s important to choose your marketplace carefully. If you sell high-quality hand-made goods on a general site, you’ll be competing with all sorts of cheap goods. Because Etsy is a specialist craft website, you can be sure you’re reaching the target market. Customers on Etsy are looking for a personal touch, so if you make and sell something a bit quirky, it’s the place for you.

The Cons of Selling on Etsy

Etsy has very strict rules on which products can be sold, but if you follow the rules you can make this an advantage. The main disadvantage is higher fees than some other ecommerce sites. They charge fees for each product you advertise, even if you haven’t sold anything yet, which can be challenging for new businesses starting out.

Conclusion – Why Sell on Etsy?

Etsy gives you access to a customer base who are looking for handmade, craft goods. They are typically looking for something special and willing to pay a little bit more for it. If your products are artisan and ethical then this is the marketplace for you. The fees may be a little higher, but you’re paying to reach your target market.