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Attendance Sheets

School attendance sheet is a really wide-spread and well known thing for all of us and we are familiarized with the value and affect of the attendance sheets in academic institutions. It is difficult to uncover a school without having an attendance sheet for tracking their trainees however, the format and style can be distinctive from one another. Though, the usage and benefits of a school attendance sheet are typical around the world and is not newest for school teachers however, still there are a few of likely mistakes that are made by the trainers in school attendance sheets that conclude in several big issues equally for teachers, parents and the administration of the institution.

You can easily find a free but really useful Attendance Sheet Template created using MS Excel.

  • ┬áThe usage of notebook page as an attendance sheet

A very popular mistake that is sustained by institution instructors is the use of notebook pages rather of appropriate attendance sheets. Every so often, teachers forget to generate the attendance sheet with individuals and then they bring the attendance on a straightforward sheet of paper with a believe that they will convert the data to attendance sheet. In instance of misplacing the piece of paper, instructors then are unable to trace correct attendance data on attendance sheets of that certain day.

  • Giving accusation to students for recording attendance

A further very usual mistake that is witnessed all over the world in various schools. Often times teachers assign a particular student to mark the presence on the attendance sheet regularly, or in most institutions instructors grant the authority to some pupils for marking attendance. Pupils are not mature enough and they have not a proper sense of integrity and obligation and they are ignorant of the importance of the attendance so that they use the attendance sheet for their personal advantages. The equal mark present for their friends who are absent on a particular day and if they have differences with other schoolmates they tag them absent at times they are present.

  • Careless attitude to attendance sheets

Occasionally, teachers have a very careless attitude to attendance sheets and they seldom keep them in their accurate place once an attendance sheet is filled up totally. This result in a number of issues with several things including rendering an annual attendance record of the pupil, subject credit hour a pupil attended etc.

  • Attendance signature

In certain institutions there is a process of attendance signature in which an attendance sheet with the titles and roll numbers of the students distribute in the classroom daily on which every pupil have to put their signature in leading of their name. This is recognized as a big fumble made by a few academic institutions because students used ordinary signatures that their friends can also do in their absence and tag them present even they are absent. Yet another issue with this type of attendance is that for each day a different sheet is around to be signed that give you a number of pages at the end of the month and the session. It is complicated for a teacher to carry and handle all the pages and the possibility of the losing of the documents increased.

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