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Category: Graphics & Designs

Themeforest Review

Themeforest, created in 2008, is a one-stop shop for themes specially created for WordPress websites. This marketplace is specially designed to link theme developers with prospective buyers, giving developers a viable source of income. After its absorption into the Envato family in 2014, Themeforest became the one-stop-shop for all things related to WordPress site development and design providing unique themes and templates for every budget and project.

How Themeforest Works

Themeforest is a marketplace that gives users access to tons of WordPress themes, web design templates, plugins and other digital assets covering diverse inches from eCommerce to blogging. Thanks to a streamlined search feature, users can search themes and rate any purchases. Also, users can preview their preferred theme to see how it will look when applied to their project. This process makes it a lot easier to know the features of the theme or plugin.

Other Themeforest Features

The standout feature of Themeforest is the support it provides to purchasers of its digital assets. All themes purchased from Themeforest have six months of support included in their price. This gives you access to the owners of the theme for help whenever there is something going wrong with the web design project. This support period can be extended to twelve months for an additional fee.

How Good Is Themeforest

Themeforest is one of the most efficient tools for web design. It creates a seamless experience for finding, selecting, and installing themes for your web project. It is easy to use, and it helps you streamline your options to the most appropriate ones for your budget and project. It also offers support for the first six months after purchase. No wonder why Themeforest is highly recommended for web designers.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is one of the most popular multipurpose themes whose intention is to help creatives come up with unique websites on WordPress. If you are looking for a website builder that will make your website stand out from others in all aspects, Divi might just be your perfect option. It will groom your site with elegant and attractive themes that will put your website at the top.

Get Your Best Divi Plan Today!

Although Divi is not completely free, their pricing plans are relatively low with two plan options only. The first plan is the $89 yearly plan that you only pay once and access everything the website builder comes with for the entire year. The second plan is the $ 249-lifetime plan where you only need to pay once and get unlimited access to all Divi WordPress themes for eternity.

Does Divi Have Great Features?

divi wordpressThe exclusive features included in the Divi WordPress theme gives you a reason to consider it when creating your website. This website builder doesn’t only have a Divi theme, but a site builder too. Divi theme is used to customise themes, whereas Divi builder helps you access ready-to-use layouts, a drag and drop page builder plugin and an editor that lets you see your website’s “skeleton.”

Divi WordPress Theme – Live Preview Customiser

One incredible feature of the Divi WordPress theme is the live preview customiser, which lets you preview your website while building it. You get to change or undo fonts, colours, styles and much more rendering, making it suitable for beginners. And the fact that Divi has both a theme customiser and website builder tool, makes it an excellent choice for creating your ideal website.

Elementor Pro Review

Elementor is a user-friendly visual site builder that plugs into the popular WordPress platform. It is completely free, and comes packed with useful features. Elementor Pro, is the premium version of the same software, offering more, but at a cost. In this review, we will look at how Elementor Pro works, what it can do for you, and whether it is worth the price.

Easy Web Design

Elementor is the most used WordPress site builder, and it is easy to see why. You don’t need any previous experience, and easy site design is made a possibility for all. It is a simple drag and drop tool for complete frontend web design, and despite many attempts over the years, nobody has developed a better solution. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t build a website without it.

Elementor Pro’s Affordable Price

elementor-proThe Elementor Pro plugin costs $50 one-off per site it is installed on. This includes basic support for 6 months, but you will need to pay if you want support for longer. For the best site builder for WordPress out there, the price is both fair and affordable. There are discounts too if you have more than one site.

Our Conclusion on Elementor

We wouldn’t be without Elementor Pro. Not only can you build an entire website without knowing a piece of code, but they are slick and beautifully branded. The responsive feature means that you can change layouts by device and ensure that everything works perfectly on mobile, as well as desktop.

Upwork Review

Upwork is an online platform designed for the digital nomad, creative agency, or employers. Its the all-in-one solution can be used from either the contractor or the client side, depending on whether you’re looking for work or looking to hire somebody for a project. The processes differ for both, but one thing that remains the same is how easy it is to use.

Being A Freelancer On Upwork

upworkUpwork makes freelancing online easier than ever before. Once you have created your account and been approved, you’re free to start making money online. Think of it like a digital CV, whereby you add all of your expertise and experience, and then bid for specific jobs that suit you. You can browse hundreds of jobs in your field at any one time, and only pick what you like. If the employer is interested, they will message directly to begin the discussion.

Hiring A Freelancer

Hiring freelancers might be a completely new concept to you, and you may have wondered where to begin. The good news is that Upwork presents you with thousands of ready and available contractors across many different niches to help you in your quest of making money online. You can publish your job and watch the applications come in, or you can search for specific skillsets and invite people for interview.

The Cost Of Upwork

From a contractor perspective, Upwork fees can add up. You will pay the platform 20% of what you earn for the first $500 of every new contract. So if your rate is 20$ per hour, you will actually only receive $16. The work may not have happened without Upwork’s help, so the fees are justified, but just keep it in mind when you’re quoting for work.


Woocommerce is an incredibly powerful eCommerce tool, transforming even the smallest of business into an impressive online store. The level of flexibility and customisation available on Woocommerce puts it way ahead of the next-best competition but does require at least some basic understanding of web development to get started and maintain. Keep reading to find out more about this impressive platform.

A WordPress Plugin

woocoomerceWoocommerce is an extension of WordPress and relies on the platform to work. The drawback to this is that your website will need to be built on WordPress to be able to use the Woocommerce tool. We think it’s absolutely worth it though, as it really is the best eCommerce platform out there, as well as being one of the most popular alternatives to Shopify.

The Best There Is

The Woocommerce platform is the ultimate answer to how to sell online. With so many additional powerful extensions available, including shipping, pricing and automation tools, there’s very little you cannot do. You can make your online store bright and branded or keep it clean and simple, giving you the power to create the eCommerce shop of your dreams.

Not For Beginners

Unfortunately, Woocommerce isn’t suitable to complete web development novices. You don’t need to know how to code an entire website, but you need to be able to learn WordPress and the backend of Woocommerce to make the most out of the tool. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but you may need some training. That said, with such a powerful tool at your fingertips, you will be able to take your store to the next level.

Envato Elements

If you are an editor, motion designer, webmaster or simply dabble in graphic design or UX, chances are that you’ve heard of Envato Elements before. Elements is the name given by Envato to its stock footage and templates website, where you can find hundreds and thousands of videos, stock illustrations and sound effects, but also mock projects and templates for Premiere, After Effects, In-design, Sketch and Figma.

The Cost of an Envato Elements Subscription

envato elementsWhat sets Envato Element apart to its stock footage competitors is that it works as a subscription service. For a monthly fee (currently €14.50/month for individuals), you get unlimited access to their catalogue of graphic resources, which includes a commercial license so you can use them in all your projects. More unusual than the combination of stock photos and footage, you also have access to various WordPress themes easily customisable with your content and ready to be published.

Is it worth it?

In a word, yes. You can pretty much recover the cost of the subscription on one project if you compare with the cost of buying the rights to a single license on the market. Though it’s not as extensive as some other music or photo libraries, the graphic resources are really impressive and the product mock-ups, UX templates and WordPress themes can save you valuable time.

Is Envato Elements for me?

It all depends what your main need is. If you do product design, UX or motion design, it’s a must-have as the catalogue of templates covers every angle and can save you days of work building those assets from scratch. The photo, illustration, video and SFX libraries are a nice add-on and can prove very useful for editors looking for an all-in-one subscription covering all their stock assets needs.


People who love working with- and editing photographs will know that there are photo editors that are costly, so it is wonderful when you discover Photopea, an editing application, where you do not have to download anything and which is also free. It is an alternative to Photoshop that you open in your web browser.

No downloads Required

photopeaPhotoshop alternatives like this are easy to use as its features are quite similar to Photoshop, but the great thing is, it is adequate so that one does not have to invest in photo editing software. What’s also notable with online Photoshop alternatives like this is that its in your browser, not requiring any download, and when its installed you still don’t require downloading anything.

Who does’t love a Freebie?

With this amazing free Photoshop alternative, your work is stored locally, so nothing is put into the cloud. You can also open it immediately on virtually any machine and it supports most file formats that image editors require. As already suggested, it is a super photo editor for working across platforms and being able to edit on any device without a download.

No more paid image editing software

If you no longer want to buy paid image editing software such as Photoshop, a free web application like Photopea can edit images files on-line. So if you are out of budget, why not go for Photopea as an alternative of Photoshop and make the resolution lower or larger and scale the content of the document according to the new resolution? You can do all this with Photopea and much more – and all free of charge.

What is Adobe Spark?

adobe sparkAdobe Spark exists in two versions namely, mobile and web versions. You can easily use it to create social graphics, short videos as well as web pages. It is available as a stand-alone subscription or even as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud plan. Indeed, you can also pay to get access to premium templates.

Adobe Spark in Marketing

Adobe Spark gives you unlimited access to different fonts and special Adobe fonts, making it possible to create stunning videos. This video creation software makes your video creation endeavours easy and really quick. You can easily make social posts to advertise your business. Here, you will simply need to choose a template and fonts, key in some writings/pictures and resize them to the required size.

How Much Does it Cost

The Adobe Spark video creation software is free for starters. You can simply edit, or share your videos absolutely for free. You can, however, try out the full version that allows you to edit videos, create your own templates or even fonts. For this, you will need to pay $9.99 /month or $99.99 per year.

Wrapping it Up

Adobe Spark is a revolutionary software that has changed how one views video editing for social media posts or even for the creation of documentaries, music clips and more. It is easy to use and understand. If you are looking for the premium version that comes with services including cloud hosting, be sure to choose Adobe Spark.

Canva – how good is it?

canva logo blueIf you are wondering what Canva is, then let us tell you that It is a graphic design and creativity tool that is going to become your best ally with a totally intuitive and easy to use online interface. You will not need to download any program to use it, although it does have an APP version to take the tool with you everywhere.

Some great features

It has thousands of templates with very attractive predefined designs. You can start a design from scratch with the measures you need, or use the templates and layouts that are offered to you at different specific sizes for different things like eBooks, posters, business cards, etc. The free version allows you to work without imitations as regarding the features, although they do have fairly affordable premium plan for specific needs user.

Who is Canva aimed at?

If you have no knowledge about graphic design or if you know how to use programs like Photoshop, but it seems too laborious for day-to-day creations, Canva, with its easy to use features, is for you. If you are an entrepreneur and you need a quick and simple tool to help you prepare your publications on social networks, Canva would prove to be your best friend.

The final words

Canva is a premium online tool, which serves both amateur and experienced designers. With a very large image bank and several design tools, it allows you to obtain more than acceptable results even if you are not a professional designer. Canva has established itself as an essential tool for users who need a quick and economical solution to create a presentation, a poster or an image to upload it to their blog.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a cool iPad application released on August 1, 2013. It doesn’t matter if you do or do not have skills in designing because, with this app, you will easily create the best presentations. You can use different designs, text styles and backgrounds for your pictures to make the whole story look flawless.

Haiku Deck – Details

Haiku Deck is an application available since 2013, compatible with iPad and Chromebook and requires minimum iOS 5.0 software. It is a very productive application focused on storytelling and presentations, and it is free of charge. The free iPad application accompanies a few themes, and many more are at your disposal at only $2 each. Also, you have millions of backgrounds to choose from, or you can upload your own. Haiku Deck is commonly used to create very appealing casino free spins campaigns.

Haiku Deck – Advantages

With Haiku Deck, there are no complicated or disarranged slides. The outline components are clear and organized, which is very important for an eye-catching presentation. It’s easy to understand how the app works since its features are extremely simple. Just add content, upload pictures and don’t worry about the rest. You can send your presentation to Keynote or PowerPoint or connect Haiku Deck to your Slideshare to share with ease.

Haiku Deck – Disadvantages

Even though it creates excellent presentations, with the free version of the app, you can’t transfer them in another format, and that may be the biggest drawback of Haiku Deck. Also, you can’t always modify your presentations, and if you don’t like how the slide looks, it’s hard to change it. There are limitations in the amount of content you want to add so, only a couple of lines of text sometimes can get on your nerves.