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Key Elements of designing restaurant menu

Creating menus are considered as the main job for a specialist because it shows a restaurant’s spirit in it. There are many things that need to be pondered but here are some key components mentioned that are of much importance for designing a restaurant’s menu. These are the

  • Design
  • Theme
  • Description
  • Layout
  • Pricing
  • Organization

Design of your menu is the most valuable thing to consider first. It reflects the restaurant in itself. Your menu should be looked comforting for clients. Images of dishes in menu have to be put carefully and on purpose. Then you have to care about style and theme of your menu with keeping in mind about the vision and concept of your restaurant.  Your menu has to be exclusive, so accordingly qualify your restaurant’s uniqueness. This must be helpful in making your restaurant prominent among other restaurants in your locality. Try to avoid similar items as other of your competitors offered. Now comes the point of description, you can describe dishes precisely, clearly, tempting and in exciting way that by reading the description, client has mouth watering feeling. Only explain major ingredients of your dishes and use local names if there some, it will add a genuine elegance to your menu. You should clarify your menu by highlighting independently about the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. All of main items have to be marked out and demonstrated individually, like the starters, the beverages, the main course and the desserts.

You can easily find out and download free menu templates online as it is readily available. Out look of your menu and its colors should be according to your restaurant’s concept and its location. It’s on your choice whether you like to choose its layout as casual, formal or playful manner. Font and color scheme that has to be used in your menu should be a reflection of your restaurant’s theme. For example, if you are opening an Indian themed restaurant, bright colors such as red, orange and green would be good choice for a menu. These same colors would look inappropriate in the menu of French bistro or Continental restaurants. French bistro usually has a classic script font or simple plain font, while other restaurants or menu in bars has casually less formal or in a playful manner. Careful when choosing font that is difficult to read or has small in writing font and plain papers are not preferable for printing of your menu. It is suggested that menu should be polish mat finished.

Normally when restaurants did not work out properly or suffer heavy loss, then major reason behind their failure is in their price control section. Cost of food and portion served to customer has to be controlled and thus help to put prices on your menu correctly. Another way to make profit is to maintain the usage of expensive items. Organize and assemble items of your menu in such a way that stuff with most expensive cost does not grab direct consideration of your clients.

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