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My Study Life

My Study Life is a useful online platform planner meant to assist students, teachers and other stakeholders in the academic world as you go about your tasks. The platform uses cloud technology to store classes, homework, exams and other educational materials. You can access your academic work using a digital device irrespective of your location.

my study life planner sample layouts

How To Use My Study Life

The platform is easy to operate. For you to enjoy the study organising app, you will need to have an online account. Once you are on the home page, you can add tasks, exams or provide more details concerning a particular academic year. Students and teachers have an option to create assignments which they can easily share with colleagues. For quick navigation, you can use the search button at the bottom of the platform.

My Study life – Convenience

Students and teachers enjoy this platform free of charge. Furthermore, you can use it on a mobile phone, computer and tablet irrespective of your device operating system. As a user, you do not necessarily need to be online. You can add a task while offline since the app can seamlessly sync with your data between devices.

Enrich your academic world with My Study Life.

This is one of the best digital platforms in the world of academics. As a scholar, you can now leverage on the platform to perform various tasks such as creating assignments, calendars, and reminders in addition to sharing them. The platform is free and very easy to operate using a computer or phone.

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