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Organogram Template

Organogram is a diagram of company hierarchical structure (formal or informal) to explain the relationship and responsibilities of different sections or departments within a company or organization. It plays a critical role in understanding operational capabilities and procedures of any given organization to achieve a particular objective or goal. Usually such diagrams are displayed on reception or manager’s office for reference purposes. However anyone can easily obtain a copy of it from Administration Office to better understand and communicate within the company or organization. There are several types of organization structures depending upon the nature and culture of the environment it is being operated in. Here are some of famous organization structures,

  • Hierarchical Structure
  • Line-Staff Structure
  • Functional Structure
  • Departmental Structure
  • Operational Structure
  • Matrix Structure

organogram template
Organogram chart or diagram explains different kind of designations and operational relationship among them. It also explain the reporting mechanism adopted by the organization to perform its day to day tasks. Hence it is really important to create clear and comprehensive organogram of your company as soon as you get some free time.

Here is a sample Organogram Template that can be used to quickly create your own organogram using MS Pubisher,

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