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Petty Cash Book

Petty Cash is the most critical book of accounts maintained by any businessman. No matter how small or big  your organization is, you must be required to maintain a transparent and traceable petty cash book so that every transaction can be traced back whenever required. Here is a Petty Cash Book template that can easily help you to maintain an electronic cash book without using too much of your paper resources. It is recommended to use it on monthly or yearly basis (according to the transaction volume), so that it should be easy to trace back and effective enough when required. This template is created using MS Excel as it requires some dynamic features such as calculation of balance, filtering and cross referencing. All Cash Transactions are recorded in Petty Cash Vouchers before being posted on Petty Cash Book.

Here is preview of this Petty Cash Book template,

Petty Cash Book Template

Critical Points while Design Petty Cash Book 

Here are some critical points that must be considered why designing Petty Cash Book,

  • Date and Amount of Transaction is Vital.
  • Petty Cash Voucher Number or Receipt Number
  • Distinction between amount received or paid by as well as the person in charge who approved it.
  • Sum or Total of Receipts and Payments or withdrawals.

Here is download link,

Download Petty Cash Book Template

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