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Petty Cash Voucher

Recording cash transactions and maintaining Petty Cash is definitely a vital task for every organization no matter how big or small they are in volume. Usually, small to medium scale businesses required it more crucially than the large businesses that already have most of their transactions on record (bank or journal). Here is a good quality Petty Cash Voucher Template that can help anyone to quickly creative an effective means to receive cash from different sources. The matter of fact is that in most of the small scale businesses, Cash Vouchers are the only official documents maintained throughout the week or month and at the end, other official documentations are prepared as post-event. This Petty Cash Voucher Template is prepared in MS Excel so that anyone can easily use it and even fill it up while opened in MS Excel and then send directly for printing.

Here is preview of this Petty Cash Voucher Template,

Tips for Designing Petty Cash Vouchers:

Here are some important points to keep in mind while designing your own Petty Cash Vouchers,

  • The most critical element is Date  & Amount
  • Description and purpose of the Transaction
  • Signatures such as Approved By, Received By etc
  • Account number if you are maintaining Accounting Books

Here is download link for this Petty Cash Voucher Template,

Download Petty Cash Voucher Template

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