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People who love working with- and editing photographs will know that there are photo editors that are costly, so it is wonderful when you discover Photopea, an editing application, where you do not have to download anything and which is also free. It is an alternative to Photoshop that you open in your web browser.

No downloads Required

photopeaPhotoshop alternatives like this are easy to use as its features are quite similar to Photoshop, but the great thing is, it is adequate so that one does not have to invest in photo editing software. What’s also notable with online Photoshop alternatives like this is that its in your browser, not requiring any download, and when its installed you still don’t require downloading anything.

Who does’t love a Freebie?

With this amazing free Photoshop alternative, your work is stored locally, so nothing is put into the cloud. You can also open it immediately on virtually any machine and it supports most file formats that image editors require. As already suggested, it is a super photo editor for working across platforms and being able to edit on any device without a download.

No more paid image editing software

If you no longer want to buy paid image editing software such as Photoshop, a free web application like Photopea can edit images files on-line. So if you are out of budget, why not go for Photopea as an alternative of Photoshop and make the resolution lower or larger and scale the content of the document according to the new resolution? You can do all this with Photopea and much more – and all free of charge.

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